Selection and Designation

It is common knowledge that appointing employees to certain positions without selecting them based on psychophysiology and health factors brings to accidents in production process, causes general and occupational diseases, and finally reduces productivity of an enterprise. If you want to know how companies should select and appoint human resources based on characters and psychophysiology of people, and how they should be positioned at work based on their lifelong health patterns, also if you want to know how to prevent accidents, reduce general and occupational disease, and increase productivity of an enterprise, then this training is right for you.
  • Human characters and thier psychophysiology. Selection and appointment of employees to positions based on their characters and phsycophysiology. Causes generating psychophysiological factors in the industry. Occurence of physiological changes in human organizm during work hours. Getting familiar with psychophysiological factors. Physical stress and its causes.
  • Causes of reduction of physiological energy (hypodynamia), causes of physiologically stressful blood cycle, breath system, and cords and their preventive measures.
  • Causes giving rise to neuropsychic tiredness and their preventive measures and removal. Causes of psychological stress and their preventive measures. Physiological reactions and its classification of human organism during mental work.
  • Getting familiar with the impact of team solidarity on work capacity, results coming out of it and the ways of their development. Getting familiar with scientific approaches to labour management and their application in practice.
  • Getting familiar with the instructions in improvement of medical examination required by the decree #13 of Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic dated 23/01/1998. Appointnemt of workers to positions based on health factors.
  • Races and human types. Special features of our body. Psychological impact of biological and sociological factors over human being.
  • What is anthropology? Anatomic and physiological features of human being. The features of the highest mental facilities. Age cycle.
  • Decree 13 of Ministry of Health of the Republic Azerbaijan about “Improvement of medical examination” issued on 23.01.1998.
  • Convention about “Labor hygiene services” issued on 26.06.1985
  • Profession selection and proper assignment of personnel according to psychological and health factors.
  • The causes of psychological factors. The investigation techniques of causes bringing to psychological factors. Labor factors.
  •  Psychological factors. Factors possessing physiological impact. Nervous tension.
  • Marginal check of monotonous work. Sanitary measures against monotony.
  • Harmful substances’ dependence on physiology. Harmful substances’ impact over body.
  • Psychological factors. Unanimity between team members.
  • Principal directions of scientific organization of work. Intellectual tension. Tension assessment.
220 AZN (VAT excluded)
8 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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