Team Building

Theoretical part entirely consists of practical work aimed at formation of a team (psychological trainings; exercise in pairs and subgroups; discussions). Team is not born, team should be created. Our experts will help your company to increase the level of unity and efficiency of interaction between the employees.
  • Formation of unity, sense of belonging to team
  • Skills of speaking in the same language or in the language of each other
  • Increasing of level of mutual assistance in the team
  • Constructive behavior in different situations of group cooperation
  • Intellectual TeamBuilding is the most available form of Team Building training, because regardless of physical strength everybody willing to take part can join. During the training participants will reveale their management abilities, ability of making choice, leadership skills and learn to find new things in old ones. The script of Intellectual Team Building includes such exercises as "Brain Storming", "Brain Ring", "Espionage Liking", "Guesswork" etc.
  • Creative TeamBuilding is the effective way of revealing the abilities of each participant. By means of emulative spirit participants, will reveal new opportunities in natural way. During this training you can shoot your own film, build fantastic shapes, dramatize or play role of any character from any literature work, draw graffiti or exclusive painting on clay.
  • Sport TeamBuilding is an active form of relaxation and cooperation. What is more important for you – interests of each participant separately or interests of the whole team? The answer of this question you will find during Sport Team Building. This training creates conditions for the unity of all team members and forms the spirit of company. Sport Team Building includes team competitions, various emulations, walking tours and organization of extreme programme etc.
Based on corporate agreement
Based on corporate agreement
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