Psychological Personnel Selection

An excellent resume and pleasant first impression is not a guarantee that the person will be successful at work. How can we avoid the widespread mistakes during personnel selection and choose those candidates who will work effectively at the work place? At our training, you will find the answer to this and many other questions.
  • Only 1 hour of theoretical presentation and 7 hours of practical training on application (test administration on determination of the level of work efficiency, forecast of human behavior in team work, the level of resistance to stressful impact).
  • Learning the skills of adaptation of battery tests in your own company.The battery of tests possesses enough level of coverage for organization of psychological selection from null.
  • Knowledge of basics of modern psychological personnel selection technologies.
  • Knowledge of basic requirements and criteria for the organization of psychological service in company/organization.
  • Practical skills of administering standardized interview diagnosing stress resistance.
  • Possession of workability diagnostics skills (The Landolt test).
  • Possession of social intelligence level diagnostics test (The Gilford- Sullivan test).
  • More that 30 pages of handouts, plus 3 standardized test methodologies, one of which is published for the first time authors standardized interview on determination of the level of stress resistance.
  • Place of psychological personnel selection in the structure of psychological service
  • Objectives of psychological personnel selection
  • Selection specialist’s efficiency criterions
  • Selection strategy building
  • Psychological selection criterions’ basic list
  • Psychological diagnosis tecniques
  • Interviewing skills
  • Contact establishment: motif
  • Body and voice signs of assertiveness and hesitation
  • Insincerity signs
  • Realistic description
  • Performance diagnosis (Landolt test)
  • Diagnosis of social intelligence level (Gilford Sallivan’s test)
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
12 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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