Sales of Interior and Design Mater.

World changes by leaps and bounds and Business World changes by speed of light. Just in this sphere strife for clients becomes decisive struggle. Nowadays, proceeding from this tendency, almost all companies accepted policy of rendering more qualitative services by meeting claims of their clients on a higher standard. In this training you will have a real opportunity to acquire skills needed for the professional sellers. We will teach you how to become a professional seller, seller-consultant, intermediate seller, agent, distributor or sales representative. Don’t neglect an opportunity to change your viewpoint of modern commerce.
  • Master and develop skills of seller.
  • Acquire skills of effective presentations of commodities and services.
  • Increase work efficiency of sales manager.
  • Acquire skills of negotiating for results by presenting yourself, your commodities and company.
  • Improve individual methods of selling for the purpose of competitiveness.
  • Sales planning and preparation
  • Identification of client’s psychology during the sales
  • Client’s needs and requirements analysis
  • Shop floor analysis
  • Trade equipment and commodities shelving
  • Merchandising Principles: Client’s behaviour in the shop floor
  • Specificity of establishing relations with clients
  • Strategy of retaining client
  • Price and advantages of commodity
  • Effective presentation of commodity
  • Commodity and service presentation
  • Market penetration means
  • Negotiation
  • Methods of closing the sales
  • Working with difficult clients
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
24 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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