Business Correspondence

Business correspondence is the basis of business communication.  The business letter which is drawn up incorrectly or inaccurately irritates the addressee, who will not treat such a letter seriously. The author such of a letter does not win sympathy. Unfortunately, such is human nature. On the contrary, a correctly drawn up letter is a clear indication of the competence of the company. The ability to conduct appropriate business correspondence promotes establishing business connections, improves relationships and resolves challenging problems.  The majority of specialists working in various business areas daily face the task of processing business correspondence, for example, writing various letter and preparing business presentations as well as other documents necessary for work. Our training will teach you how to perform this kind of work in English most effectively. If you want to draw up documents competently, to know all advanced information about conducting business correspondence in English, our training is for you.
  • Draw up business letters and contracts in English.
  • Reduce the numbers of mistakes made in business correspondence.
  • To use the proper layout of the business letter.
  • Correspondence. Business style.
  • Business letter organization.
  • Letter format. Components of a business letter.
  • Arrangement and punctuation styles.
  • Forms of address.
  • Letter types.
  • Complains, claims and adjustments.
  • Sales and PR letters.
  • Social business letters.
  • Purchase agreement.
  • Purchase order.
  • Invoice form.
  • Sales agreement.
  • Employment contract/agreement.
  • Quitclaim deed
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
20 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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