Sales of High Quality Clothing

Sales consultants dealing with high quality clothing often complain about complexity of selling such kind of products. Inability to establish durable contact with potential customer, difficulties occurred during product presentation, uncertainty in answering questions, lack of balance between speaking and listening in communication with potential customer cause negative result to the work of the sales manager. This training aimed at mastering sales of high quality production. It will allow sales managers to find effective approach in selling high quality clothing, to understand how to effectively sell exclusive goods, how to mark out well-known brands, and how to increase own effectiveness at sales of high quality clothing.
  • To understand specificity of high quality clothing sales and peculiarities of business communication at direct sales of high quality clothing.
  • To develop effective strategy of satisfying target customer at sales of high quality clothing.
  • To learn to use characteristics of brand and naming for sales of high quality clothing.
  • To master techniques of high quality clothing sales.
  • To develop skills of confident business conduct and ethics.
  • To use own personal and professional merit as a tool of sales.
  • What is the meaning of “brand” and “naming”
  • Brands Classification
  • When label becomes transformed into brand
  • What’s the use of brand for consumer
  • Image and reputation
  • Working with competitors and opponents
  • Right lightning of shop
  • Shelving. Principals of chromatic shelving.
  • Shop-window and mannequins
  • Merchandising of new wares
  • Trade Channel Marketing
  • Business Etiquette and professional seller manners
  • Types of clients: cold, warm, hot
  •  Working with difficult clients
  • How to facilitate decision making process of VIP clients
  • Seller’s Dress-code in the shop floor
  • Successful Sales Algorithm
  • Selling techniques
  • Seller’s key commandment
  • Methods of closing the sales
  • Generating the best last impression
  • How to attract, amaze, retain the client
  • “Help me!” techniques
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
24 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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