Professional Seller

Each of us is a witness of commonly encountered in everyday life problem, which is capable from the very morning to ruin our good mood for all day - rough service in trading enterprise network. Not only we are poorly served, deceived, ignored, offended but also in spite of this we pay them.
  • Have a concept on retail trade, its kinds, forms and methods;
  • Have a notion on range of goods;
  • Know liabilities and requirements, presented to the seller;
  • Define refinements and hardship of the trade;
  • Know subtle techniques, connected with difficulties in Customer Relations in sales area;
  • Understand life principles in activity of the professional seller;
  • Get acquainted with behavior and ethics of the sales worker etc;
  • Manage stress;
  • Have practical knowledge.
  • Retail trade types and conception
  • Methods of retail trade services
  • Vital principals of professional seller’s occupation
  • Assortment and assortment checklist
  • Preparation of commercial facility and commodities for selling
  • Price and price tags
  • Behavior and ethics of trade worker
  • Seller’s responsibilities
  • Professional seller requirements
  • Notion of client – targeted, regular, new, nonrecurring
  • Working methods in large halls – “seller-guide”
  • Selling consequences of commodities of appropriate quality
  • Sellers’ typical mistakes in the trade hall
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
24 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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