Train-the-Trainer - Inspire, Motivate, and Educate

The trainers train the staff. But who trains the trainers? The success of a training programme depends on the abilities of the trainer to enliven, inspire and motivate the people, and to give them simple usable skills. The trainer’s role is that of a “facilitator”, that is, the trainer should help learning to take place. This can happen if the trainer can create an atmosphere and environment that encourages the learning process to take place. The trainer should be able to organize and present information in such a way that trainees can use it to increase their knowledge base. This training will help you improve your training skills and show you how to create a dynamic training environment.
  • Understand essential skills needed by trainer
  • Recognize important features of adult learning
  • Learn ways of developing a training session
  • See the benefits of adding fun and games to training process
  • Discuss important considerations about delivering the course
  • Essential Skills
  • Learning Methods
  • Establishing a Learning Climate
  • Sealing with the Difficult
  • Identifying Your Audience
  • Performing a Needs Analysis
  • Writing Objectives
  • Outlining the Program
  • Researching and Writing the Program
  • Testing the Program
  • Types of Activities
  • Using Humor
  • Visual Aids
  • Presentation Tips
  • Managing Questions and Answers
  • Scheduling Breaks
  • Evaluations
440 AZN (VAT excluded)
8 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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