Waste Management

A lot of companies, institutions and organizations pollute the environment during their activity with different kinds of wastes such as, physical, chemical, bacteriological and diversity liquid toxic, radioactive and other substances. Pollution of the environment without any supervision will bring to the global warming. Moreover, all of these contribute its negative influence to the nation’s gene and brings to the life in unfit conditions. For the most companies, institutions and organizations waste management is in the foreground according to the existing law, because Azerbaijan accepted the Kyoto treaty. You will learn the causes of wastes’ appearance and pollution of environment without any supervision, global warming, wastes’ influence on genetic background, proper management of waste. Furthermore, during the training you will learn how to prepare Statistics accounts and remove unknown recourses by the companies, institutions and organizations.
  • Global ecological problems arising from waste.
  • Ways of problems solution arising from waste.
  • Acquaintance with legal acts regulating waste management.
  • Management of the industrial waste arising in industrial and medical establishments.
  • Compiling of the statistical report form of the waste.
  • The information about sanitary protection zone for industrial firms, organizations and offices
  • Global ecological problems arising from waste
  • Solution of problems arising from waste
  • Theoretical knowledge about waste and industrial waste.
  • Legal acts regulating management of the waste
  • Management of the waste arising in industrial and medical enterprise
  • Compiling statistical report of waste
  • Pollution of atmosphere and ways of its solution.
  • Management of the industrial waste and atmosphere pollution.
  • Management of the waste arising from vehicles and atmosphere pollution.
  • Management of water and atmosphere pollution.
  • Information about sources polluting water basin.
  • Soil pollution and how avoid it.
  • Toxic waste and their management.
  • Radioactive waste and their management
  • Domestic waste and their managemen
  • Information about domestic waste plants, toxic and radioactive waste areas.
360 AZN (VAT excluded)
8 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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