Computer and Health

It is well known that the computer is the source of  electromagnetic waves. Consequently it may pose a serious threat to the user’s health when inappropriately used. As yet little has been done to establish the sanitation standards for computer users. Nor have any enlightening courses been conducted. There is no any relevant literature containing the necessary information. Given the foregoing information many users are unaware of the threat of electromagnetic waves. As a result the chances of them facing a professional disease are increasing exponentially. Familiarity with the computer safety regulations will help you to protect yourself from pernicious effects of electromagnetic waves.
  • International standards and sanitation rules. The noise, radiation and microclimate     requirements in  workplaces where computers are  installed                                                                         
  • Sanitation  standards and hygienic regulations, applied in workplaces where computers are installed. Organization of workplaces. Appropriate computer installation
  • Protection from electromagnetic waves emitted by computers. Protection screens. Other professional  factors, affecting computer users
  • Physical trainings to remove fatigue in body and leg
  • Physical trainings to remove fatigue in shoulder girdle and arms
  • Trainings for blood circulation improvement in brains
  • Physical training minutes complexes
  • Complex trainings of eyes
  • Complex exercises for industrial gymnastics 
  • Complex exercises for interval training
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Health protection rules
  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic fields grade limit according to standards and hygienic norms
  • Workplace organization. Computer technology placement in the office
  • Microclimate of rooms with computer technologies
  • Electromagnetic fields impact decrease. Protecting screen
  • Sanitary code of other industrial factors
  • Norms of work and rest routine
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8 hours
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