Fire Fighting

Every businessman - physical or legal person - is interested in effective development of one’s business. But some unexpected events impede it. Fire caused by some reasons belongs to that category. Just imagine the consequences of the fire. Do you know how to overcome them, not causing harm to oneself and the surroundings? Do you have enough information on the source of fire and safe fire-fighting technique? The necessary knowledge and experience applied in such cases, you may get only through our training. By taking this training you protect not only your working place but also surroundings.
  • State key principles of Fire Science
  • Define types of fire
  • Prevent fire behavior
  • Detect fire
  • Use emergency plan
  • Apply risk preventive actions  
  • Perform Risk Analysis before risky work  
  • Identify fire hazards at working places  
  • Perform work with extinguisher
  • Practice
  • Equipping according to fire safety standards
  • Fire safety management
  • Probability of fire break out in the workplace
  • Fire triangle
  • Process of fire break out
  • Classification of combustible substances
  • Physical methods of fire fighting
  • Inflammation sources
  • Types of combustible substances
  • Fire safety inspection schedule
  • Proper utilization of fire fighting equipment
  • Identification of fire types and prevention of fire spread
  • Fire detectors and warning
  • Prevention of supposed risks
  • Utilization rules of fire fighting means
  •  Fire-extinguisher
220 AZN (VAT excluded)
8 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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