Professional Secretary

Since trust in technologies in the office continues to grow up role of professional secretary reveals itself severer. Automation of office and organizational restructuring made secretaries and administrative assistants to take responsibilities of administrative and professional staff. Nowadays most of secretaries and administrative assistants teach and give orientation to new personnel, search the internet, manage and carry out diagnosis of new technologies malfunctions in the office. However, despite these changes the main responsibilities of secretaries and administrative assistants remain almost the same: implementation and coordination of administrative work within the office, storage, recovery and accumulation of information for clients and employees.
  • Learn how should be image of successful secretary
  • Realize role of eye contact, facial expressions and gesture in our life
  • Improve self organization skills
  • Master rules of priorities’ arrangement
  • Learn basics of documents circulation
  • Improve your skills of writing official documents
  • Understand international business documentation
  • Professionally conduct Stock-list
  • Image of successful secretary.
  • Eye contact/ facial expression/ gesture
  • Basics Self-organization.
  • Priorities arrangement rules. Eisenhower matrix
  • Basics of documents circulation
  • Basic specifications of official documentation.
  • International business documentation.
  • Stock-list
160 AZN 
12 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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