Telephone Skills

Learning how to communicate well on the telephone is one of the top priorities for many employees. The common phrases that are used on the telephone helps candidates know what to expect. Telephoning requires special skills as there are a number of difficulties that arise specifically for telephoning. The first and foremost difficulty is not being able to see the person you are communicating with. This lack of visual communication often makes people, who can communicate quite successfully in other situations, nervous and thereby hinders their communicative abilities. What people often need most is practice, practice, and more practice. While helpful, practicing a role-play in the training course is always the best way to improve telephoning skills.
  • Proficiency in telephone communication.
  • Confident behaviour in different communication situations on the phone.
  • Experience in talking without visual contact.
  • Skills in using typical phrases on the phone.
  • Learning to be polite with the person, you do not know and see on the moment of speaking.
  • To get used with International Phonetic Alphabet, recommended by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • To review phrases used in telephoning. Dialogues and Appropriate Vocabulary.
  • To write out notes for a telephone conversation with a native speaker.
  • To learn to correctly perceive and transmit the information.
  • To use internal office phones at work.
  • Tips and Tricks to make sure a native English speaker slows down.
  • To take a variety of roles and act them out on the phone. To create an angry, impatient, in a hurry situation etc.
  • Role Plays: to role play dialogues practicing telephoning with friends.
160 AZN 
12 hours
Azerbaijani, Russian or English

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