Method of Transactional Analysis (TA) was developed by Eric Berne is and reflected in his "Games People Play" book.

Basic statements of TA theory:
- Life view of a person is based upon "early decisions " which one makes in childhood.
- By making these decisions person forms "Life Script" according to which he lives his life.
- The script is formed with active participation of his relatives (first of all parents).
- Decisions, which the person takes at present time are based upon stereotypes of the past.

Practical application of this method in counseling is based on the analysis of Ego-States (the Child, the Parent and the Adult) and single acts of interaction (transaction) between Ego-States of personalities in transaction. Bern identifies Ego-States as psychological positions taken by the person accessible for observation.

"I'm OK - You're OK" is probably the best-known expression of the purpose of transactional analysis: to establish and reinforce the position that recognizes the value and worth of every person. Transactional analysts regard people as basically "OK" and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions

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