Positive psychotherapy is a short-term psychotherapeutic method, which focuses on dynamics of the person with its transcultural features.

The method helps to mobilize person's resources for taking positive decisions. He teaches to not battle with the visual environment and to accept it.

Result is the optimistical and joyful perception of ones self, relatives and a life as a whole.

Undeniable advantages of the method are its availability for all social and age groups, simplicity of language, system approach and brevity.

Founder of the method - well-known German psychologist, psychotherapist - Nossrat Peseschkian. He was born in Persia (Iran) in 1933. Received psychotherapeutic education in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. At present he is a doctor of medical sciences, professor, expert in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and neurology.

Positive psychotherapy method was created by Dr. Peseschkian and his employees in Germany on the basis of transcultural researches conducted more than in 20 various cultures. Since 1968 it became widely spread.

The name derives from latin word "positum", which means: actual, given, available.

Efficiency of positive psychotherapy was convincingly proved by the research conducted in Germany in 1997 and exhibited high therapeutic effectiveness of this short-term method. This research was been rewarded with Richard-Martin Award

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