Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - a complex of technique, axioms and views used mostly as an approach to personal development.

Founders - John Grinder, professor of linguistics, Richard Bandler, mathematician and programmer.

Core idea of NLP: Consciousness, body and language of individual moulds a picture of his attitude and this perception and, hence, behaviour can be changed using various technique.

Purpose of NLP application in counseling is finding and application of effective ways of change of own behaviour, psychoemotional conditions and attitude as a whole.

NLP provides the person with a complex of views and working methods with himself and other people for optimal and effective accomplishment of tasks of quite different scale and individual significance - from successful fulfillment of daily behavioural acts to defining own purposes within rather long-term prospect.

Müasir psixologiya həm fərdi adamlara həm korporativ strukturlara bir çox məsələlərin texnoloji həllini təklif edən dəqiq bir elmi fənndir.

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