Behaviour is series of actions of an object or an organism.

In general behaviour implies an externally expressed behaviour that is actions, speech, physiological reactions, etc.

Cognitive, inner behaviour is presumably intellectual process of person, his thinking. In cognitive behaviour one can assume perception habits (the way person usually perceives visual environment and events that occur within it, what he takes notice of and what he takes no notice of), emotional habits (the way person got used to assess an event) and volitional habits (the way person got used to consider and take mental decisions).

Inner behaviour is expressed only indirectly, through external behaviour so there is always an opportunity of misinterpretation of internal behaviour by effects of external behaviour.

In addition to difficulties of interpretation of external effect personnel service confronts with a problem of forecasting of personnel's behaviour.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers assessment of behavioural trends of the personnel on the following scales:
- Aggression / Passivity;
- Directiveness (propensity to giving instructions) / Subordination;
- Fear;
- Emotionality;
- Sociability;
- Dependence;
- Demonstrativeness;
- Maladjustment;
- Withdrawal from reality.

Müasir psixologiya həm fərdi adamlara həm korporativ strukturlara bir çox məsələlərin texnoloji həllini təklif edən dəqiq bir elmi fənndir.

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