Social Intelligence - ability to understand others and act wisely in human relations. (Thorndike, 1920, р. 228)

Social intelligence is a fundament of person's communicative competency.

Level of social intelligence influences effectiveness of following individual, group and managerial interpersonal interactions:
- Correct and precise evaluation of other people;
- Adequate self-esteem in communication;
- Ability to evaluate level of difficulty of communicative situation;
- Self-control and self-restrain in communication;
- Tolerance during contacts;
- Interest in others;
- Sensitivity in interactions;
- Ability to critisize and advise without hurting others;
- Ability to identify right behavior strategy with new person, etc.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers assessment of social intelligence of personnel:
- Level of Social Intelligence;
- Verbal communication factor;
- Non-Verbal communication factor.

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