Emotions (from lat. emovere - to raise, excite)

- States related to assessment of importance for the individual of factors affecting him and displayed first of all in the shape of direct experiences of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of his actual requirements.

Emotion implies either internal feeling of the person or display of this feeling. Strongest but short-term emotions are often called affect, and deep and steady ones - feelings.

Emotion is a mental process of impulsive regulation of the behaviour based on sensual reflection requirement importance of external influences, their usefulness or harm to vital activity of the individual.

The degree of influence of emotional sphere upon efficiency of performed activity is absolutely obvious. In particular the degree of stability of emotional processes is of importance. Mood varying from enthusiasm to depression and spite cannot help affecting the work.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers assessment of personnel's emotional sphere:
- Current state;
- Factors causing stability/instability;
- Characteristic of trends.

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