Motivation (from fr. Motif - inducement) - inducement to action. (do not mix with HR direction)

- Dynamic process of physiological and psychological character, which controls behaviour of the person determining its direction, organization, activity and stability.

Motives are organized by a hierarchy principle - some of them dominate over others. A.Maslow's hierarchical pyramid is well-known by the applicability in the field of personnel management.

At the same time irrespective of level of motive's urgency (hierarchical status) it can be:
- Realized;
- Hidden;
- Unconscious - actually latent also from the person.

Knowing motives of the personnel, the Human resourses services can more effectively predict its behaviour and compose administrative recommendations.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers a unique method for personnel motivation assessment:
- Driving motives;
- Hidden and latent motives;
- Motives hierarchy.

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