Performance (ability to work) is defined by many psychological and physiological factors and can be identified as:

- Potential ability of person to perform a maximum possible amount of work within preset time and with a certain efficiency.


- A state of systems of organism, their readiness to demonstrate maximum performance.

At the same time each concrete speciality and/or position sets specific requirements to ability to work.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers personnel assessment on following parameters:
- Information processing speed;
- Accuracy level;
- Accuracy fluctuation;
- Efficiency level (function of the relation of accuracy to volume of work);
- Efficiency fluctuation;
- Endurance degree (function of relation of accuracy to duration of work);
- Ability to work level (integrated parameter).

In addition to the listed parameters, we provide a brief personal characteristic of the examinee based on the results of this test (in cases when it can be provided with a high reliability degree).


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