Sociometry - a method for measurement of interpersonal relations, intragroup communications and hierarchies within team/collective.

Result of sociometric researches - a sociogram - the circuit which evidently presents:
- Status of members of the team (from the leader to the social outcast);
- Quality and intensity of relations between members of the team;
- Operating subgroups and factors of their arising (interests, preferences, etc.);

Repeated measurements conducted within the same group may be applied for:
- The forecast and prevention of conflicts;
- Revelation of mobbing, personal preferences and co - dependences;
- Revelation of carriers of real leader functions;
- Observation over dynamics of interrelations within the team.

A modified version of sociometry may be also applied for researching larger groups, for example, organizations or holding entirely.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers exact sociometric assessment of quality of interrelations in specific collective/team aimed at revealing factors that affect efficiency of the work executed

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