To know means to be able to do.
Best of all people learn at their own experience.
People are trained better if they practice skills instead of talking about them.
Business-training with elements of psychological training (exercises and games) is the most optimal personnel training method.

We enable people to practise skills, make mistakes, learn by their own and other's mistakes. Practice is essential for mastering skills and so we devote up to 80% of each training to practice and exercises.

Our trainings are distinguished by:
- Application of the most effective psychological technique;
- Positive, interesting and dynamic form.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers the following trainings:
- Stress Management
- Time Management
- Communication Strategies
- Negotiating for Results
- Presentation Skills
- Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
- Psychological Personnel Selection
- Team Building (outdoor)
- NLP for Managers - I stage
- NLP for Managers - II stage

See GRBS® Trainings section for training schedule and registration details.

See Discounts for legal entities section for list of all trainings and discounts.

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