Successful growth, business development are key motives of any company.

Thus, realization of this growth depends on individual and intragroup/team development of the personnel to much extent. In other words, it is important for the personnel to have time to progress by keeping pace with growth rate of the company as a whole.

Considering problems of HR through this prism it is reasonable to distinguish development processes of three groups:
- Top-managers;
- Managers;
- Executive personnel.

Coaching and training are the most effective methods for training and development of the personnel for today.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers the following professional training and development solutions:
- Development of strategy for training and development;
- Setting of processes of assessment of trainings-needs;
- Corporate training;
- Coaching.

Müasir psixologiya həm fərdi adamlara həm korporativ strukturlara bir çox məsələlərin texnoloji həllini təklif edən dəqiq bir elmi fənndir.

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