Reliable, exact and valid assessment of psychological features of a candidate is of particular importance at personnel selection.

Psychological testing is the most reliable way to make it.

In practice everything can be called "psychological test" - up to ten questions in youth magazine. However, the professional psychological test is the precision tool which creation takes many years.

Questionnaires (applications) and tests should be distinguished. In questionnaires the examinee selects answers consciously and can correct result (simply speaking can be insincere), while the test is a series of standardized task by results of which execution psychophysiological and personal characteristics, knowledge, skills of the examinee is judged.

Any professional psychological test should meet the following requirements:
- Validity - compliance of results of the test with the characteristic to be measured;
- Reliability - internal coordination - an orientation of all elements of the test scale on measurement of one quality;
- Representativeness - conformity between norms (intervals on a test scale), obtained on the specific person or group, and norms, which can be obtained on the whole population of the country.
- Credibility - property of the test to counteract falsification - deliberate or unconscious distortion of results by examinees.

GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers an opportunity of exact measurement of more than 160 psychological parameters of professional importance.

See section TESTING & PSYCHOMETRICS for more details

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