Psychological Consultancy is a psychological assistance to people without clinical disorders but encountering difficulties in a daily life.

There is broad spectrum of problems :
- Difficulties at work (job dissatisfaction, conflicts with colleagues and managers, potential dismissal);
- Personal dissatisfaction and family issues;
- Children's poor progress in schools;
- Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem;
- Agonizing hesitation in decision-making;
- Difficulties in establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relations;
- etc.

Basic principles of consultancy:
- Each person has unconditional value and deserves respects;
- Each person is able to be responsible for himself;
- Each person is entitled to choose values and goals, make independent decisions.

Objectives of consultancy:
- To favour the change of behaviour in order to enable client to live more efficient, enjoy a life regardless of some inevitable social restrictions;
- To develop skills of overcoming the difficulties while encountering new life circumstances and requirements;
- To provide effective decision-making;
- To develop skill to establish and maintain interpersonal relations;
- To facilitate realisation and growth of person's potential.

Müasir psixologiya həm fərdi adamlara həm korporativ strukturlara bir çox məsələlərin texnoloji həllini təklif edən dəqiq bir elmi fənndir.

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