GRBS® Psychotechnologies offers professional psychological measurement of professionally crucial skills, abilities and personal characteristic of the personnel.

All offered psychometric measurements are performed using licensed, completely adapted tools (tests), complying with all applicable validity, reliability, representativeness and credibility standards.

In the course of few years our specialists worked on adaptation of translations of methods and the work on determination of national standards and norms of results interpretation was completed in January, 2008.

In psychological diagnostics we prefer tests with results which can not be corrected by tested person consciously - in other words: tested person can not show the results above his real abilities.

Testing procedures are computerized and conducted via testing system access that is available on this page.

Müasir psixologiya həm fərdi adamlara həm korporativ strukturlara bir çox məsələlərin texnoloji həllini təklif edən dəqiq bir elmi fənndir.

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