PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) ®


PMI’s Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® credential is a solution to project management’s increasing growth, complexity and diversity. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI-SP®fills the need for a specialist role in project scheduling.


It recognizes your unique expertise and competence to develop and maintain project schedules, while still possessing core knowledge skills in all areas of project management.






1100 USD

Fee includes:

Full package of study materials, coffee-breaks, lunch and assistance with exam registration.



Total duration:

32 hours 


10:00 – 18:00

Course Dates:

April 15-18

Reg. Deadline:

05 April


77 Samad Vurghun Street • Officers Park • Baku AZ1022, Azerbaijan





  • Tasks included in the five domains identified in the PMI-SP® Examination
  • Specification: Schedule Mission Management, Schedule Creation,
  • Schedule Maintenance, Schedule Analysis and Schedule Communication/Reporting.
  • How to translate Critical Scope Components — extract key milestones and project constraints and incorporate them into your project schedule.
  • Project Time Management Processes — learn activity definition and sequencing, schedule development, and resource planning and management.
  • Critical Path Methodology — identify the activities that are most likely to cause your project to be late.
  • Methods to Update and Analyze your Schedule — learn the preferred approach to applying status and changes to your project and understand how to analyze resulting impacts.
  • Options for Problem Resolution — create "what-if" scenarios to compare various possible approaches to schedule issues, including fast-tracking and crashing.
  • Types of Project Reports — understand the benefits and applications of various project reports and how to interpret them.
  • How to Convey Schedule Information — create the necessary communication pieces to inform stakeholders.
  • Tips and strategies for studying for the PMI-SP® Certification Exam.
  • Workbook and exercises
  • Personalized study plan

Who should apply?


The PMI-SP demonstrates skill and competence in the specialized area of project scheduling. The scheduling specialist role on your project teams is becoming more important to an organization's success. Be an asset to your organization. Hone your basic project management skills and showcase your specialized expertise in scheduling to employers with the PMI-SP credential.


Project Scheduling Certification Requirements


To apply for the PMI-SP, you need to have either:


  • A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent) with at least 5,000 hours of project scheduling experience and 40 hours of project scheduling education. 




  • A four-year degree (bachelor’s or the global equivalent), with at least 3,500 hours of project scheduling experience and 30 hours of project scheduling education.

Maintain Your PMI-SP Certification


As part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements program, a PMI-SP credential holder will need to earn 30 PDUs in the specialized area of project scheduling per three-year cycle.



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