Discounts for private person
  • 5% incremental discount for each subsequent qualification course attended
  • 10% for persons under 25
  • 10% discount for students
  • 10% for government employees
  • 21% discount for soldiers who were demobilized during the last year and 50% discount for every soldier who served at the front


Important notes

  • Every client can benefit only from one discount offer
Pay on partly basis ( WorldCard, Bolkart and Albalı Card )
  • When you use WorldCard for your payments, you only pay course fee
  • Additional percentages are not deducted from customer. Percentage charge is ultimately paid by GRBS 
  • Payment period can be chosen up to 1 year.
  • For instance;
    • You enroll into F3 course which is for 700 AZN.
    • You decide to pay this amount for 5 months. Your monhly payment are equal to 700 AZN / 5 months = 140 AZN
    • GRBS pays the percentage fee that is charged for 5 month period which is 41 AZN
  • Mechanism is the same with Bolkart and Albali Card. Whereas, payment periods can be choose either as 3 or 6 months.
Tell a friend
  • If your friend and/or colleague enrolls in PMI preparatory courses based on your recommendation, you both get 38 AZN subtracted from the course fee.
  • 38 AZN subtraction is applicable solely to PMI preparatory courses being attended or to be attended in the future.
  • Only individual clients (the ones who sponsor the participation in the course on their own) are eligible to apply for the programme.
Discounts for special people

GRBS® offers extra discounts for people entitled to special benefits granted by The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Family members of National Heroes and Martyrs of Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Family members of war veterans of group I and II.
  • Family members of fighters killed at war or died later.
  • University students, who lost their parents.
  • Unemployed young people, who lost their parents.
  • University students, who are under government custody or who grew up in boarding school.
  • Unemployed young people, who are under government custody or who grew up in boarding school.
  • Family members who work based on quotas.

Terms and conditions

  • Persons meeting the above mentioned conditions get a 50% discount.
  • It's required to submit corresponding documents for approval. Participants, organizations, and/or corresponding representative executive bodies submitting required documents hold responsible for the truthfulness of the information.

Special notes

  • Young age limit is between 18-33 years.
  • Quota – minimum number of work places (employees), imposed on employers by corresponding government bodies for the purpose of providing people with special social needs and those facing employment difficulties with jobs.    
Discounts for legal entities

GRBS® offers the following discounts for organizations/companies wishing this training for more than 1 of their employees: 

Number of participants















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