CIMA Exam Timetable

CIMA Exam Timetable 2013

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

Certificate in Business Accounting level exams are held by computer-based assessment at official CBA centers.

GRBS® being an official CIMA Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) Center is pleased to invite you all to sit any of CIMA’s Certificate in Business Accounting level exams in GRBS® CBA Center. The CBA system is flexible, so you can sit assessments at any time of the year. You are not restricted to the May and November exam sittings. See Exam Schedule in order to choose a suitable date and time.

CIMA Professional Qualification

  May 2013 Exam   November 2013 Exam
Complete all five papers from the CIMA Certificate by this date: 1 March 1 September
CIMA deadline for exam entry to Professional level: 15 March 14 September
Professional exam dates: 24-26 May 20-22 November
Professional results due: 15 July 15 January
  Tuesday 1st exam day Wednesday 2nd exam day Thursday 3rd exam day
Morning session 9:10am to 12:30pm

PAPER E1 Enterprise Operations

PAPER E3 Enterprise Strategy

PAPER P1 Performance Operations

PAPER P3 Performance Strategy


PAPER F1 Financial Operations

PAPER F3 Financial Strategy

Afternoon session 1:40pm to 5pm

PAPER E2 Enterprise Management



PAPER P2 Performance Management

PAPER F2 Financial Management

PAPER T4 PART B- Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting - Part B Case Study Examination

Note: Times of exams are subject to change

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