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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA is a leading membership body that offers an internationally recognised professional qualification in management accounting, which focuses on accounting for business. CIMA began life in 1919 as the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants. Since then CIMA has grown to become one of the largest international accountancy bodies, representing 164,000 students and members in 161 countries.


As an organisation CIMA is committed to constant improvement, and its reputation as a professional and regulatory body has never been stronger. It is increasingly the first choice for students and employers. CIMA upholds high ethical and professional standards to maintain public confidence in management accountancy. Its members and students must adhere to CIMA's ethical guidelines, byelaws and regulations. All CIMA's governance activities - overseen by the Council and its committees - underpin the commitment to maintain the professional standards and competence of members and students.

Total Business Focus

CIMA has a total business focus – 99% of CIMA members and students work in business and not in accountancy practices.  This has enabled the Institute to deliver a new professional qualification with double the focus of any competitor on business management and strategic management accounting.  Overall CIMA provides more management, more management accounting, more project management and more strategy.

CIMA syllabus is both practical and innovative. The unique blend of academic training and practical experience continues to provide employers with what they want - Chartered management accountants who have the leading edge skills to drive business growth.  This combination perfectly matches the needs of modern organisations.

CIMA Professional Qualification

To qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant you must:

  • complete the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or another exempting qualification
  • complete the nine exams from the CIMA Professional Qualification
  • gain three years relevant practical experience and send your ‘Career Profile’ to CIMA for approval
  • pass the Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting (TOPCIMA)

The diagram below shows the CIMA Professional Qualification structure:

Upon completion of the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (the Operational level) and the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (the Managerial level) CIMA will send a student a certificate to confirm that he/she has completed these levels of the qualification.

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