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The Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting

Syllabus outline

On successful completion of all three strategic level examinations, students must prepare for and pass each part of the two part Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting. The two parts are:


Part A Initial Professional Development – Work Based Practical Experience (maximum 50 credits)

Students must gain a minimum of three years' relevant work based practical experience. Experience may be drawn from any of the following three areas, but a minimum of 18 months must be gained within the 'Core' area.


Part B Case Study Examination (maximum 50 credits)

The examination is based upon a case study that is set within a simulated business context relating to one or more fictionalised organisations. However, the context described in the case material is based on a real business or industry.

Learning aims

Students will be required to go through the following stages to prepare for, and to answer, the requirements of the Case Study Examination:


A – Preparatory to the exam:
• analyse the context within which the case is set;
• analyse the current position of the organisation;
• identify and analyse the issues facing the organisation.


Note: These activities will be undertaken using the published
pre-seen case study material.


B – During the exam:
• analyse the current position of the organisation;
• identify, analyse and prioritise the issues facing the organisation;
• identify, evaluate and discuss possible feasible
options/courses of action available;
• recommend a course of action;
• prepare and present information in a format and to a standard suitable for presentation to senior management.


Note: These activities will be undertaken using the pre-seen
and unseen case study materials.


There will be a written examination paper of three hours, plus 20 minutes of pre-examination question paper reading time. The paper will have a limited number of questions (requirements). They will normally be answered using a report and/or presentation, with further supporting documents, to a variety of users. The questions will be based upon:


(a) a case study (pre-seen material), which will be published on the CIMA website at least six weeks in advance of the examination. This will provide an opportunity, before the examination, to undertake preparatory analysis based upon the pre-seen material. The volume of preseen material is likely to be between 10 and 20 sides of A4 paper;


(b) further information regarding the case (unseen material), which will be added as part of the examination paper. This will allow further developments to be explained and additional issues to be raised. The volume of unseen material is likely to be between three and six sides of A4 paper;

Course details

Course type:

Only  Revision




475 AZN

Fee includes:

 Revision phase, as well as Progress Tests, Mock Exam and  full package of study materials from CIMA-approved publisher (Study Text, Practice and Revision Kit) and coffee breaks.


Total Duration:

20 hours

Week day:





77 Samad Vurghun Street • Officers Park • Baku AZ1022, Azerbaijan

You can get 5% discount by registering at least 30 days prior to the course commencement

The person who wants to get registered can choose one of the following methods:

1. REGISTER ONLINE (for faster and more convenient service)

2. Fax or E-mail: please fill out the Registration Form (PDF) and fax it to (994 12) 437 10 51/61 or e-mail to ipq@grbs.comAfter sending the Registration Form to us our customer service specialists will contact you in 24 hours.


3. Before the course client has a chance to take diagnostic test to determine his or her level of knowledge on relevant course(!). Diagnostic test fee is 40 AZN. In case of register to the course and after signing the contract 40 AZN will be deducted from the payment of the course.


Days of the test:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 19:00 till 20:00.

The seats are limited. Registration is undertaken on first-come-first-served basis; early application and early registration are advised.

Success assurance

We strongly believe that you have the best chance of passing exams if you follow our recommendations of enrolment in Taught+Revision course per each paper you intend to attempt and meet the THREE following conditions:

  1. Attend Taught+Revision course without absences
  2. Get at least 50% on both Progress Tests
  3. Get at least 50% on Mock Exam

If the student fails the exam without meeting all the above conditions, GRBS® will allow him/her to re-sit the course FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, we will PAY the re-sit exam fee for the Student.


If the Students fails exam without meeting all above conditions, then GRBS® will grant him/her a 50% discount for a re-sit course.

T4 and CBA Exams

GRBS® being officially licensed  to organise and administer CBAs by CIMA is pleased to invite you all to sit CIMA Certificate Level (Papers C01-C05) exams as well as T4 (TOPCIMA) Computer Based Exam at GRBS® CBA Center. You can take your CBE at GRBS® CBA Center and schedule a suitable CBA date especially for you.


For more detailed information please click here.
  • If several employees of the same organization/company will participate in the course, offers the following discounts: 4% for 2, 6% for 3,  8% for 4,  10% for 5-10, and even higher discounts for more participants ( for more details ).
  • GRBS® grants incremental 5% discount for each subsequent qualification course attended.
  • 10% discount for persons aged from 16 to 23.
  • GRBS® offers 10% discount for bachelor degree students.
  • Government employees will be given 10% discount.
  • 10% discounts for owners of MYBRAND'S card.
  • GRBS® offers 10% discount for AG Club members.
  • GRBS® offers 10% discount for owners of ISIC card.  
  • 10% discount for Biz Club subscribers
  • 10% discounts for members of Unibank Discount Club
  • 21% discount for soldiers who were demobilized during the last year and 50% discount for every soldier who served at the front.
  • In addition, GRBS® offers extra discounts for people entitled to special benefits granted by The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan (for more details).


Important notes:

  • Every client can benefit only from one discount offer.
Tell a friend
  • If your friend and/or colleague enrols in CIMA preparatory courses based on your recommendation, you both get 38 AZN subtracted from the course fee.
  • 38 AZN subtraction is applicable solely to CIMA preparatory courses being attended or to be attended in the future.
  • You may recommend not more that two friends and/or colleagues.
  • Only individual clients (the ones who sponsor the participation in the course on their own) are eligible to apply for the programme.
Cancellation policy

The Client must notify the representatives of GRBS International Professional Qualifications verbally or in writing if he/she wishes to cancel the registration, change course dates or switch from one course to another. The notifications must be done at least 7 (seven) business days in advance before the course starts in order to avoid paying cancellation fee of 30% of the course fee. If Client wants to cancel the registration, change course date and switch to another preparatory course he/she has to pay cancellation fee of 100% of the course fee.

For participants from abroad
GRBS® renders additional services: the client's meeting and accompaniment, transfer and accommodation services, cultural and entertainment programmes (for more details).

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