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We make an independent examination and provide consultations in the following fields:

  • Giving expert opinion projects i.e. land designated for industrial, municipal residential housing, private property and reconstruction projects. Exercising sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-technical control on reconstruction process. Measuring physical and chemical factors in ready objects;
  • Expressing independent expert opinion in investigation of reasons that caused vexed question between management and victim while detecting occupational diseases, occupational injuries at plant facilities or in situations of doubt of their origination;
  • Helping in preparing documents on how to organize periodic medical inspection in accordance with decree of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Improvement of medical care" on occupational diseases;
  • Providing analysis of and giving expert opinion about occupational diseases based on temporary disease form # 16 (Z-1) and forecasting any possible occurance of occupational diseases in future based on occupational disease form;
  • Investigating sanitary-hygienic, sanitary-technical conditions in enterprices, institutions and organizations and preparing health-improving plan for autumn-winter and spring-summer seasons;
  • Giving expert opinion on environmental protection.

28 M/St, Baku Central Hub • Pushkin Street, Demir Yol Plaza, 15,16th floors • Baku AZ1010 Republic of Azerbaijan

T: (994 12) 599-00-61 • T: (99412) 599-00-62 • T: (99412) 599-00-63

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