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GRBS provides ACCA students with the following administrative support:



Initial registration with ACCA, advice for registration document preparation

95 AZN

Solving any problem relating to ACCA student status

95 AZN

ACCA exam registration

55 AZN

Payment transfer to ACCA (annual payment, exam/exemption payments etc.)

55 AZN

Study materials provision (ACCA officially approved publications)

Only official book price is paid

ACCA Qualification rates

Initial Subscription (payable on registration) - £*79


  • Annual Subscription (payable on 1 January following date of registration) - £ 79
  • Duplicate card - £ 10
  • Re-registration fee - £ 79, in addition to any amounts unpaid at the time of resignation/removal.

    Exam/Exemption fees payable before each exam:

  • Knowledge    £ 62 per paper
  • Skills            £ 77 per paper
  • Professional  £ 91 per paper


         * £ = Great Britain Pound

The ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting Charges

  • Registration (including one examination attempt)                £ 186

Document Delivery

  • Delivering documents / Baku - Glasgow /                                    0 AZN

ACCA Qualification rates

* The fee is waived for those who attend/attended ACCA Preparatory Courses offered by GRBS®. The Clients to which GRBS® provides Administrative Support are eligible for reimbursement of the fee once they take ACCA Preparatory Course at GRBS®.


GRBS® provides a unique opportunity for those who want to start their professional career at Ernst & Young.

The purpose of recently announced long-term strategic cooperation between GRBS® and Ernst & Young Holdings (CIS) BV Azerbaijan is to enhance the career opportunities of young people.

According to the partnership between Ernst & Young Azerbaijan and GRBS®, students wishing to find a job and who successfully complete the training course on financial accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards, will have an opportunity to get a recommendation letter for employment at Ernst & Young Azerbaijan.


The advantage of recommendation letter

The main advantage of recommendation letter from GRBS®, lies in the fact that candidates go through all the assessments of recruitment, but the results of financial accounting exam is not going to be decisive. As, even in case of failure, the candidate holding a recommendation letter will be invited to the next stage of recruitment process.

How to apply

If you want to get a recommendation letter first of all, you should send an email to, indicating personal details (name, surname and contact information), as well as the name and dates of the course taken at GRBS®.

Sample letter:
Dear GRBS,
I am Elnur Akhmedov. I've participated at  ACCA F3 Financial Accounting training course on May XX  20XX. Please provide me with a recommendation letter for employment at Ernst & Young.

My contact number: 00000000
Elnur Akhmedov



Applications are accepted all year round. Based on your application, all the data related to your participation on the course taken at GRBS®  will be presented to Commission.

The Commission assesses your performance throughout the course and decides on the issue of recommendation letter that will be either 'Highly recommended' or 'Recommended'.

To ensure transparency, recommendation letters will be sent directly to Ernst & Young, and the candidates will be notified without knowing its content.



Eligibility criteria

To get a recommendation letter from GRBS®, you should meet the following criteria:


  1. Take part in one of these courses:
    • ACCA F3 Financial Accounting;
    • CIMA C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting;
    • National Certificate in Accounting;
    • ACCA DipIFR;
    • National Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards; OR
    • Participate at one of the trainings at GRBS® and pass the certifying exam in one of the above mentioned areas, or be exempt from that exam;
  2. A good command of written and spoken English (upper intermediate, TOEFL); the knowledge of Russian is welcomed.
  3. You should score at least 50% on mock exams and attend more than 80% of classes;
  4. Age: 18-35

For more information on Recommendation Letter procedures, how to apply, as well as for any other queries please write to or call (+994 12) 437 10 51/61,+(994 55) 208 10 91


STUDY FOR FREE™ project by GRBS® provides a unique opportunity for the individuals with the strongest backgrounds. As now, if you prove to be the most knowledgeable you can get to STUDY FOR FREE or with BIG DISCOUNTS on your chosen course. 


All you have to do is to get the highest scores from special examinations to be held on January 22, 2013 by GRBS®.



The candidate with the highest result will get the opportunity to study - for free, 2nd candidate - 50%, 3rd candidate – 30% discount on his/her chosen program.


Exams are free of charge.


Registration deadline: January 19, 2013.


General Rules

The candidates wishing to get discounted or free study within STUDY FOR FREE™ project first of all, are required to register for examinations. The dates of the examinations will be announced by. If you pass 50% mark at the exam you enter the selection stage.

You can study on the following qualification within STUDY FOR FREE™ project:

  1. ACCA qualification
  2. ACCA DipIFR qualification
  3. CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting qualification
  4. CIMA Professional Qualification
  5. Certified Professional National Accountant Qualification
  6. NEBOSH qualification

You may study on 1 or more courses at the same time within this campaign. In order to do this, you need to attend the selection tour for each single course. The winner of the selection stage  will get the opportunity to study for free only on the course he or she applied for.

STUDY FOR FREE™ project includes participation at Training courses and mock exams. The registration for certification exams and study materials are not inclusive.

If you want to participate at STUDY FOR FREE™ project, you are required to register forexaminations. To register, send an email to outlining your personal details ( name, surname and contacts) and chosen course.


Sample letter:


Dear GRBS,


I am Elnur Ahmadov. I want to participate at DipIFR ( in russian) course within Study For Free project. Please register me for examination.

My contact number:: 000 000 00 00



Elnur Ahmadov



After your email is received, the representative of GRBS® will get in touch with you to approve your registration and provide all the relevant information.

Selection stage and examinations


Selection stage is about   special examinations that are designed to determine the strongest individuals among the applicants and choose the winner who will get the opportunity to study for free.



Examination on each particular Training course is to be held before that Training course starts and will be announced by GRBS®. If you have already registered for the course and after decided to get involved in STUDY FOR FREE™ project then please contact GRBS® and register for the selection tour.





The exams are designed individually for each Training course and are not the same with the material to be covered on the course. It just includes the fundamental knowledge and information you need to know in order to participate at that course. For more information on the scope of the exams please contact us.

The results of the exams will be announced in 7 business days and from Candidates will also be notified of their results via email and phone message.

The pass score at the exams is 50%. In other words, only if you score more than 50% you are eligible for selection tour.

As mentioned above, the candidate with the highest result will get the opportunity to study - for free, 2nd candidate - 50%, 3rd candidate – 30% discount on his/her chosen program.

For more information on STUDY FOR FREE™ project, examinations and registration please call +(994 12) 437 10 51/61, +(994 55) 208 10 91 and/or write to

28 M/St, Baku Central Hub • Pushkin Street –Demir Yol Plaza, 15,16th floors • Baku AZ1022, Republic of Azerbaijan

T: (994 12) 599-00-61 • T: (99412) 599-00-62 • T: (99412) 599-00-63

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